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About Us

A first-generation family company specializing in tailoring pret-a-couture wedding dresses. Our company is a representative of 2 popular brands. Evening Wear and Bridal Couture Gowns.
These 2 trademarks differ in their style, history and they have their own ways of creativity.
Quality is the only and the main thing which keeps them together... and the business owner who makes investments.
Brand owner Tiffani Ordoñez successfully continues to make this a family business, and the concept follows: the extraordinary design of the wedding dresses, comfort for the bride, the perfect performance of each product.
We find and use the best materials from world manufacturers, combine them with the highest skill and painstaking work of European specialists. The unconditional love of this growing team for their work combines a common idea in the desire to create a unique, unusually light, harmonious dress.
We pride ourselves on quality, tailoring and finishing methods. Our experts apply sophisticated hand cuts, traditional technologies, and innovative methods. The subtle flair of the designer and the ability to masterfully combine fabrics allows the brand to go half a step ahead of modern trends in the world of wedding and evening fashion.


About Us and our wedding dresses

For us, what we do is not just business, for us it is family. This first generation of our family is already working on our two brands, and we know what it takes to create the perfect wedding dress.

We know how to combine materials, how to choose the most delicate lace and the most weightless organza. We are very loving in our wedding business. We are for the author's approach to everything: that is why our brand designers personally develops designs for all products. In every dress, absolutely everything is our plan: from the silhouette of the product to the smallest details and decor elements.

We monitor the development of the textile market and regularly visit specialized exhibitions, where only the highest quality fabrics from European factories are. We are convinced that a good wedding dress cannot be made from bad materials.

In today's industry, almost everything is automated, and most processes are controlled by a machine. We have kept the knowledge of the production process and always for the person. In our case, it is always intellectual work and materials of excellent quality.

At each stage of work, all the details are worked out by masters with more than 20 years of experience in our own production. Our team, like no one else, knows how to create the perfect dress for the most exciting day in a woman’s life.

We love individuality and value it in our clients. Therefore, in addition to the finished collection, we still have an atelier where a future bride can come for a dream dress.

Our office is located in Arizona (USA). Our Couture brands started as a small business but over the past 6 years has grown into the brands that brides from Europe and the USA choose for themselves. We have been featured and published in over 100 magazines including Vogue, British Vogue, Elle, Elegance Magazine, The Finest Wedding, and AZ Foothills Magazine. We have also had the privilege to dress a few known celebrities like LISA VALASTRO wife of Buddy from TLC "Cake Boss"

We have also taken place in many of runways shows around the world, here are some of our latest shows. 

USA -LA, Phoenix, NYC, Chicago

Europe: Paris, London, Milan, Dubai 

We have recently been featured in San Diego, CA for a reality show of designers around the world, which will be released and aired this fall. We are really excited to announce some incredible news, Kylie Jenner has asked us to sponsor her in her next adventure with fashion. This will surely be a big blessing.

We have worked with may brands and companies to establish our name and have seen may success from this.

A Short list of Brands or Industries we have worked with for style shoots, commercials and charity events:

British Vogue, Vogue, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Maserati, BMW, Fine Jewelry Retailers, Major Fashion Runway Brands, SKYY Vodka, Basic Vodka, The Palazzo in Las Vegas, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Fine 5 Star Restaurants and Hotels around the world.


We look forward to working with you.

Please Email for Cooperation. 

We are glad to provide you with more details about us.

We are glad to provide you with more details about us.

Direct Line: +1 (317) 268-8873

WhatsApp: +1 480-793-6720



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