THE STAFF of KC Haute Couture

Tiffani Ordonez owner of Gloria Ara Haute Couture
THE STAFF of KC Haute Couture is Tiffani Ordonez. Tiffani founded her namesake in 2014.
Tiffani opened the doors to Couture fashion for the most deserving woman- the USA. Naming the business after something dear to her heart, (her children) she brings her designer style selection, one that tests the boundaries of the modern gal and brings the edgy world of fashion to every woman's doorstep. 
Her chosen style of designs is most famous for bold, sexy and modern fit that incorporates vintage French fabrics, Russian beads and hand-sewn work. Aside from choosing overseas designers, Tiffani oversees the entire production processes in her studio and her online platforms.
Tiffani is quickly rising to stardom in the fashion world after she managed to surprise even the most veteran fashion editors and bloggers with her artistic approach to high-end fashion, bringing it to the United States. 
According to the likes of British Vogue Magazine and Fashion Week, Tiffani is considered today as an inspiration to the world’s top-notch designs for evening wear.