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Henrietta Maria majestic royal wedding dress

The memories of the majestic royal weddings spring to your mind at that very moment when you take one discreet look at the dress Henrietta Maria. This opulent confection of the rich lace possesses all the attributes of a classy gown predestined to be chosen by a true princess. The shoulders are enveloped with the floral motives of the white lace, which fall down swathing the arms. The endless sleeves play harmoniously with the abundant cascades of the skirt and the lavish train. The décolletage zone is not too straitlaced but demure enough at the same time. The particular highlight of this gown is in the marvelous transformation it undergoes when the lacy layer is shed. What you obtain is the gorgeous clinging dress made out of the stylish matt fabric. Select and diversify your ideal bridal outfit together with Innocentia Divina.


**Cape is presented in price.


* All figures provided in the body measurements chart are applied to a person but not to a finished dress.

* Dresses are made for the height of 167 cm plus heels = 174 cm (from the top of the head to the floor).

* Length of the skirt from waist to the bottom is 119 cm (A-style, mermaid style) or 122 cm (princess style).

* Permissible error for all measurements is ±1 cm.

* All orders are taken in European sizes. ALL dresses are handmade and made in Italy with Italian Fabrics.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Dresses are made to Order
  • 100 % Money Back- Guarantee 
  • Tailoring Process & Shipping may take up to 4-8 weeks
  • Orders are made via email and accompanied by payment of 50%.
  • The remaining amount is paid upon shipment.
  • Or 100% prepayment via online checkout.
  •  All dresses are made from authorized laces and fabrics in Paris.

Wedding, Evening & Mask:

Ship within 5-7 business days, unless notified by a sales rep.

For Returns:

Please visit our Return Policy

Ordering a Couture Wedding Dress:

please visit our Shipping Policies.

Wedding & Evening Dresses:

We suggest you order 1 size up from your regular size. 


If you are a size 2 we suggest you purchase a 4/ XS

Couture Sizing: 

Please advise we go off of you pant size. Please see Sizing Chart attached to each product.

We are glad to provide you with more details about us.

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